Lee Gainer — Escape

December 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Three images overlaid, images created from photographs of Myrtle Beach, images of vacations and parades, images of escape.”Things that are supposed to be these places and these events outside of normal life”. Lee Gainer recalls family vacations to the Carolina destination, pictures of which were drawn atop one another with lines that collide into a web of pencil strokes. “Vacations…we expected a lot out of them.”

“That kind of thing has always interested me. It’s my grandmother’s fault. I was a 5 year old looking through these magazines — she always had these magazines lying around of Disneyworld and cruises.  These works are about that, about escapism.”

What I find interesting is that, by overlaying these three images in a way that strips them of all recognition (except for certain bits of text) it creates quite the opposite of escape and calm — the lines collide and intersect to impress a feeling of disorder and claustrophobia. But when certain phrases pop out that are hidden within, you imagine the bits from your own childhood — strolling down a bustling boardwalk, festooned with flashing lights and bright signs, the sounds and scents and all sorts of distractions that, when remembered, seem so perfect. Looking into Gainer’s drawing, it’s almost like seeing visually a blueprint of how your brain recalls a memory.



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