Conflicts and Resolutions!

September 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have been having conflicting emotions the last few days,especially after reading two news articles. When I read this article about the speed of light being superseded by another elementary particle, I was very thrilled. It was not that the light lost a race with a neutrino. It was just another proof that nothing was for certain in this world, universe or the cosmos or anything beyond or within. Just a couple of days before this article was published,  I was arguing with my three elementary school art students about the speed of light. I had told them that the speed of light is not the ultimate and I believed that there could be something else that could be faster. I jokingly added that my mind was one of them as I could travel anywhere in my mind and could easily beat light. And on a serious note explained to them that just because we cannot see something or be aware of it, it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. In my mind I added another thought that we humans need to realize that we cannot take things for granted and that we need to have humility inspite of all our achievements. Soon there would be a race to find out what is going to be faster than that neutrino?

The second article was a little disturbing to me. It was about scanning the brain and trying to figure out the visual images that come in our dreams. To know that my private thoughts could be scanned is pretty scary. This race to get ahead with technology and mystery breaking makes me feel very vulnerable.

Now what has all this got to do with my weaving project? Even though light might have lost to a neutrino in a speed race, it still holds a sense of mystery no matter what. This weave project means a lot to me personnally and winning or losing this competition is going to have minimal effect on me.

As Karen has mentioned in her comment,” it’s not whether you win or loose, it’s how you play the game”. Life is full of conflicts.  It is up to us to get rid of the complexities and find the simple path. One more conflict with regard to the project resolved today and found a new direction…..

Shanthi Chandrasekar (artist)


§ One Response to Conflicts and Resolutions!

  • 52os says:

    Shanthi, as usual you have given me much to think about. I too believe that our minds can take us anywhere. We exist in our minds. And there are some who can really travel in their dreams. And our minds can be made up to achieve a goal. Some use this power for competition with others. And some use it for the purely personal joy of achieving what they set out to do. Both types are winners.

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